Entropea at ORC 2017

Dr. Benjamin Franchetti and Tamas Pal from Entropea will attend the ORC 2017 Conference in Milan, the industry’s largest biannual conference.

Entropea’s engineer, Lorenzo Tocci will also be there and will present his work on Neural Networks for small scale ORC optimization.

“This study concerns a thermodynamic and technical optimization of a small scale Organic Rankine Cycle system for waste heat recovery applications. An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) has been used to develop a thermodynamic model to be used for the maximization of the production of power while keeping the size of the heat exchangers and hence the cost of the plant at its minimum. R1234yf has been selected as the working fluid. The results show that the use of ANN is promising in solving complex nonlinear optimization problems that arise in the field of thermodynamics.”

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