Diesel generators typically convert only 1/3 of their input fuel potential into useful power. The remaining 2/3 fuel potential  is released to the environment in the form of heat via the cooling system and exhaust gases. Entropea’s re-gen unit aim at converting up to 20% of the available thermal energy into electricity. Applications include:




Mining is an extremely energy intensive industry where the machinery is almost exclusively powered by diesel gensets. Entropea’s re-gen unit offers significant cost reduction due to improved fuel ecomony.

diesel genset plant

Power generation

At certain regions, such as islands, remote locations, areas with unreliable grid connection, diesel generators are the only feasible option to supply local power demands. Entropea’s unit allows reduced fuel consumption while maintaining the same power output.



In cases when the national grid is unable to provide the required capacity, companies rely on diesel generators to keep businesses running.



Diesel generators are commonly used as auxiliary power source when ships berth in ports due to their versatile applicability.



A solid relation is shown between fuel consumption and the number of casualties due to fuel convoy protection. There is almost one casualty for every 24 fuel supply convoys. A 10% reduction on fuel consumption over a five-year period could lead to a reduction of 35 fuel-related resupply casualties over the same period.

The Travis AFB water treatment plant is capable of treating 7.5 million gallons of water per day. According to Mr. Roger Kasper, senior treatment plant operator at the Travis water treatment plant, the base used 86.6 million gallons of water in the first quarter of 2015; enough to fill the reflecting pool of the Lincoln Memorial nearly 13 times. While that's a lot of water by any objective measure, it's 7.43 percent less than the amount used  in the same quarter a year ago. (U.S. Air Force photo/Ken Wright)


Other applications include: Water treatment plants, poultry farms, waste recycling plants, constructions, power rental services, remote locations and any other sector where the continuous power need is supplied by diesel generator sets.