Applications of Entropea’s ORC compact heat engine power unit include Biomass CHP, Industry, Power Generation, Mining, Marine, CSP, Eco Resorts and ONGs.


Mining, Oil & Gas

Mining is an extremely energy intensive industry where the machinery is almost exclusively powered by diesel gensets. Entropea’s compact heat engine power units offers significant cost reduction  of operations due to improved fuel ecomony. Waste heat from the oil and gas industry can also be efficiently converted to useful electricity by Entropea’s units.

diesel genset plant

High Capacity Diesel Generators

At certain regions, such as islands, remote locations, areas with unreliable grid connection, diesel generators are the only feasible option to supply local power demands. Entropea’s unit allows reduced fuel consumption while maintaining the same power output.


Industrial Waste Heat

Many industrial processes are not as efficient as they could be. Waste heat is released to the atmosphere as flue gas, exhaust gas or hot air. Entropea’s system can be easily interfaced to industrial processes and recover  and convert the otherwise wasted energy.


Ports & Marine

Marine engines and diesel generators that are commonly used as auxiliary power source when ships berth in ports are only 30-45% efficient. Entropea’s compact heat engine power unit can improve the efficiency, reduce emmisions,  increase power consumption and improve fuel consumption of such engines.


Biomass CHP

Entropea’s compact heat engine power unit can be coupled onto biomass burners and generate electrical power. The advantage of the system is that it also provides heat as a byproduct.

Solar Thermal


Due to its versatility and high temperature range of products, Entropea’s compact heat engine power units can also be coupled to solar collectors and generate electricity efficiently. Especially in places where both heating or  cooling is required, the technology provides greater benefits to solar-PV.