Entropea at ECOS 2018

Lorenzo Tocci will be presenting his work and new paper at ECOS 2018. The paper entitled A Neural Network approach to the optimal design of radial inflow turbines for ORC applications will be presented Thursday 21 according to the technical program.

Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) is widely considered as a promising technology for the exploitation of low grade thermal energy for the conversion into electrical power. The ORC technology is used to produce electricity from different sources such as biomass, waste heat recovery, solar and geothermal.
The design of the turbo-expander of Organic Rankine Cycle systems usually follows the fluid selection and the optimization of the thermodynamic parameters of the cycle. The efficiency of the turbo-expander is usually kept constant at this stage. However, the performance of ORC turbo-expanders are greatly affected by the organic fluid selected and the thermodynamic parameters of the cycle.
In this work, a neural network approach is used to derive a model of radial inflow turbines for the prediction of the efficiency of the machine, which can be easily integrated in the fluid selection and thermodynamic optimization process.

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