Entropea Labs’ re-gen unit generates emission free electricity converting the otherwise unused heat content of engine exhaust gases.

Whether additional power output or reduced fuel consumption is your goal, Entropea’s re-gen unit helps achieving it without the need for additional fuel input.

Due to the compact and robust design Entropea’s re-gen unit is quasi-maintenance-free allowing high capacity factor operation.

After preliminary calibration for the specific requirements of the host technology, Entropea’s re-gen unit can be installed as a “plug & play” solution as a result of its simple and compact design.

It can be installed on both new and existing engine generators without affecting the normal engine operation and components.

The technology is scalable and modular.



Entropea re-gen unit

Levelized cost of electricity (LCoE)

The LCoE method provides a value that allows the fair comparison of different technologies based on the unit cost of electricity over the lifetime of a plant.

It is calculated by dividing the costs of investment and operation by the overall electricity generated. Therefore the different means of costs and revenues such as diesel fuel cost or feed-in tariffs do not affect the value of LCoE.

LCoE comparison

To put this into context the LCoE of Entropea re-gen unit is compared to the LCoE of a solar PV with equivalent investment cost considering average European climate as well as to electricity cost for industrial consumers in EU countries.