Entropea Labs focuses on the development and optimization of high efficiency and scalable heat to power systems. The technology is tailored and streamlined for additional power and/or fuel savings by retrofitting it on existing or new gensets.

Entropea Labs was formed in 2014 by a team of highly specialized engineers from all disciplines representing a spectrum of expertise to address and resolve all of the engineering challenges. Combining our capabilities in computer modeling (CAD, CFD), combustion modeling, structural, electromagnetic and rotor-dynamic analyses, Entropea delivers a reliable and cost-minimized heat to power system.

The vertical approach followed by Entropea Labs minimizes overheads of outsourcing and renders communication with clients more effective. Moreover, a vertical approach allows for a cost minimization strategy to be followed from the first stage of the design process hence yielding very short payback periods for our customers.

We are active in the UK and USA in conjunction with various partners. The business operates from its premises in London.


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