waste heat to power unit

designed for your genset


Reduce fuel consumption

Improved fuel economy offered by the Entropea re-gen unit results in reduced fuel consumption by 10-20%.

Emission free electricity

The Entropea re-gen unit generates power from the otherwise unused heat content of the exhaust gases of diesel generators.

Short payback

Due to the minimal maintenance requirements and zero additional fuel input, the investment results in 2 years payback time.


Organic Rankine Cycle

Internal combustion engines typically convert only 1/3 of their fuel potential into usefull power and the remaining fuel potential is lost as wasted heat.

Entropea’s ORC technology works by evaporating an organic fluid from the extracted heat that is normally wasted.

The organic fluid then flows through a turbo-generator thereby converting the wasted thermal energy into electrical power.

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Entropea Labs’ re-gen unit generates emission free electricity converting the otherwise unused heat content of engine exhaust gases.

Whether additional power output or reduced fuel consumption is your goal, Entropea’s re-gen unit helps achieving it without the need for additional fuel input.

Due to the compact and robust design Entropea’s re-gen unit is quasi-maintenance-free allowing high capacity factor operation.

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How it works

Industrial Partnership

Prolonged testing of our newly built 20kWe re-gen unit is planned to start from January 2019. We are seeking industrial partners with waste heat to improve their process efficiency.

If you have a 200kWth+ waste heat source (e.g. genset, biomass, biogas or other IC engine) and you are interested to trial Entropea’s re-gen  unit, please get in touch with us.