Compact heat engine power units

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Overview Entropea

✔ High Efficiency

High speed turbo-generator with permament magnet machine provides efficient power conversion

✔ Variable Load

Automatic PLC based controller converts the available thermal power from continous to variable and intermittent load conditions

✔ Scalable

The technology is highly scalable and modular. Power units come in different sizes which can be run in parellel as needed

✔ High Temperature

The high temperature range provides the highest efficiency for small ORC heat to power systems

✔ Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

The power unit’s savings can be evaluated in real-time remotely. Operators are not required. HMI screen is provided for local operation

✔ Reliable

Designed for long product life with simple field maintenance. Maintenance operations are preprogramed and the HMI reminds the user to perform scheduled maintenance

Industrial Partnership

Prolonged testing of our newly built 25kWe E25ET power unit is planned to start from January 2019. We are seeking industrial partners with waste heat to improve their process efficiency.

If you have a 200kWth+ waste heat source (e.g. biomass, biogas or IC engine) and you are interested to trial Entropea’s compact heat engine power units unit, please get in touch with us.

E25ET Product Sheet Download


Reduce fuel consumption

Improved fuel economy offered by the Entropea heat engine power unit results in reduced fuel consumption between 10 and 20%.

Emission free electricity

The Entropea heat engine power unit generates electricity from the otherwise unused heat content different porcesses.

Short payback

Due to the minimal maintenance requirements typical payback times are between 2 and 5 years.